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This presumed “FAQ” is my attempt to answer your burning questions without scaring you away entirely.

Why does good design take so long to complete?

Design is like science. You start with a hypothesis and distill your ideas through trial and error. You can’t slam-dunk your way through the problem. Most design experiments won’t work, but that process is necessary for arriving at a quality solution.

Web Design

With web design in particular, you have to refine and specify the design down to the exact pixel, since code works in absolutes, not sloppy approximations. That meticulous process comes after the rough ideas are approved. It involves figuring out how big everything should be in relation to everything else, while balancing aesthetic design decisions with technical feasibility and economy.

It’s a scrum, dissecting a high-level idea to its delineated state in pixel-perfect detail. If this sounds like crippling perfectionism, keep in mind that it saves the developer from a ton of guesswork (read: designing to fill in the gaps) and prevents a painful amount of rework after the code is set, guaranteeing the final product will look professional and resemble the intended design in order to best solve the original problem.

Logo Design

It’s one thing to solve a design problem for today, but it’s quite another to solve an identity problem for years to come. In order to ensure that your logo is unique and protectable, cursory searches on USPTO.gov and a decent awareness of your industry will start your designer off on the right foot. Because of the investment that new branding will bring, it would be terribly expensive down the road after all your branded materials are in place to have to change directions because the logo designer copied someone else’s work.

A good logo is not only unique and protectable, but also technically sound and aesthetically flexible. Many considerations go into the deceptively simple final design, so it pays to do it right the first time.

Design a hotter brand

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